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Push Hard to the Finish Line!

This is the last week to before the final vote by the state of North Dakota.  Let the state of North Dakota, the University of North Dakota, and the North Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) know you want the Fighting Sioux to stay.  Make your voice heard!

May 21, 2012 Press Release


April Update

Dear Friends of the Sioux;

Although our journey has been long, there is a promising outcome in sight. Our mission to save the UND Fighting Sioux name and logo, a North Dakota Tradition has been met with fierce opposition from the wrong crowd but it is our sincere belief that the truth shall prevail.

The ND State Board of Higher Education and UND Administration seem to have coerced with the NCAA, they have stooped low resorting to tactics that are harmful to the University and the Students and they are deceitfully accusing the Fighting Sioux Name as being hurtful to UND. The NCAA will be held accountable (SL Lawsuit) for their Native Name/Imagery Policy that discriminates against UND and the state of North Dakota and insults the integrity of the Sioux Citizens of North Dakota.

The June 12th, ND State election is rapidly approaching and our committee needs to get the truth out to the ND Citizens and unfortunately the major media in ND have joined forces with the opposition to discredit our efforts. Obviously our campaign cannot match the unlimited dollars that the UND Administration and the State Board will have available to finance their efforts to retire the name and to accomplish, what appears, their intent to erase all visual presence of the Sioux People from North Dakota’s proud history.

This fabrication of lies and deceit has to be addressed to the general public by making personal appearances.  We have formulated a plan that will be costly but can almost guarantee a successful campaign, this involves travel across North Dakota via RVs (owned by committee members) that are emblazoned with Fighting Sioux signs and stickers; we will make many stops in the smaller ND communities as well as the larger ND Cities, sharing the truth and gathering signatures for our August Initiated Measure Vote. Our Committee will present evidence that the NCAA sanctions are harmful to UND/Students mainly because of UND Administration, and the State Board, their actions and whining rhetoric does not represent the best interests of North Dakota and the Sioux People.

We are grateful for your past support to acquire approval for a State Wide Vote and it remains an uphill journey for all of us, not only to save the name but also to protect it in our state’s constitution; thus we are appealing to all of you, the Fighting Sioux supporters to help us generate financial support to fund this tremendously worthy cause that benefits UND and secures a future education for our Native youth.  We encourage you to reach out on our behalf to the many loyal committed Fighting Sioux supporters nationwide who can help our campaign to save the Sioux.

Please check our website:  www.savethefightingsioux.com   paypal is located on the donations page, or you can send donation to:

Western State Bank

110 4th Street SE,

P. O. Box 610,

Devils Lake, ND 58301-0610

Thank you for your support in saving the name and logo…

Spirit Lake

Committee for Understanding and Respect 

Petition Approved!

Our petition requests for the “Repeal the Repeal” referendum and the Initiated Measure have been reviewed and approved by the Secretary of State. Get your petitions here, and the instructions. PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE CIRCULATING!

History of the Fighting Sioux

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Stand Up with Us … Stand on Principle & Truth… Defend the Fighting Sioux Name!

We ask you to boldly “Stand Up” with us, the Dakota Sioux Nation, as we stand on principle against an injustice attempting to rid UND of its traditions and customs. 
                                        We have 80 years of PROOF!



We ask you to join us as we initiate the measure to put the Fighting Sioux name into our constitution.

“Repeal the Repeal” of the Fighting Sioux Law passed in April preserving the Fighting Sioux name.

Facebook, Email,Twitter, Youtube…. Spread the news!


We humbly ask for your support. Stand with us on the side of PRINCIPLE & TRUTH Support the Name, Support the LAW!


Fighting Sioux Fund

Financial Institution, Western State Bank

110 4th Street SE, P.O. Box 610

Devils lake, ND 58301-0610.




A number of years ago the name of the website, “Save the Fighting Sioux.com” was retained. It was retained because there were a significant number of Fighting Sioux fans who supported the retention of the “Fighting Sioux” name and Indian head logo.  That’s who this website is for.  It is the intent that this website ultimately be a source of information and encouragement for keeping the name and logo forever.

Contrary to what many people say, or think, this issue is not over!

The special session of the North Dakota legislature has not spoken.

While some people think that North Dakota “Fighting Sioux” fans should just “move on,” there are a significant number of Fighting Sioux fans who have no intention of just “moving on.”

Ralph Engelstad did not “move on” when his alma mater and the city of Grand Forks was under water and on fire.  Instead, he made the largest financial contribution to any university in the United States by an individual donor by financing 100% of the construction of what is now one of the finest sports facilities in the world.

So if you are a Fighting Sioux fan who is not ready or willing to “move on,” then we suggest you let it be known on this website, who you are and why you support the name, “Fighting Sioux” and the logo forever.


Finally, there’s a link on this website to PayPal.  The purpose is to allow you to make a financial contribution to the effort to retain the name and the logo.

100% of any contribution you make will go toward that effort– to help distribute information to the public and will not go to any individual.

Please make your contributions payable to Save The Fighting Sioux.com securely through Pay Pal. You can also send your donation by check to


Spirit Lake Committee for Understanding and Respect
P O Box 359, Fort Totten, ND  58335
Phone: 701-766-4221

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Paid for by Committee for Understanding and Respect and the Fighting Sioux Ballot Initiatives Committee, Reed Soderstrom attorney